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Our offer

The main service offered by the network is the broadband Internet access on the area of Wrocław. We provide the Internet through the LAN network connecting all the computers with the speed of at least 100 Mb/s.

Our offer Price list for the Internet access services

Our offer Promocje dla nowych Klientów
Our offer Promocje dla stałych Klientów

The network has a big variety of Internet services in its offer. From domain and reliable e-mail account maintenance to systems integrating all elements of network puzzle. We are not afraid of challenges, and the knowledge supported by experience lets us realize even most complicated projects.

Many projects are not to be created and "put away on the shelf", because they are too personalized and fitting to the conditions they are supposed to work in. However we tried to isolate at least those elements, in which the possibilities of usage are visible at once and collect them in universal preliminary offer. Among such basis of the company IT system found in the offer of network we can find among others the following:

  • E-Mail accounts from 4.08 PLN per month (with payment for a year)
  • Reliable WWW/FTP accounts with large capacities
  • 2 Sets appealing to clients needs
  • The possibility of negotiating conditions in nontypical orders
  • Accounts compatible with the recommendations of Social Insurance Company (ZUS) in settlement submission
  • Preferential conditions for providers and cooperators
  • For each account access to Account Management System
  • Free antispam and antivirus filters for each e-mail account

NOTE: The offer contains also special conditions for students! 9 month contract only.